Storehouse’s cards settings

How to create storehouse’s cards and change their settings?

  • To add new card to the storehouse, in Web Network Administration open section Storehouse/Magazyn and move to subsection Storehouse-cards/Magazyn karty. There you have to type down information about new item - name, initial amount, price, VAT, category. To save click on Add/Dodaj. If you want to change something in a card that already exists in a storehouse, then click on button Details/Szczegóły. There choose Edit/Edytuj and make changes. To save changes click Save/Zapisz. If you want to change only the quantity of previously added product then choose option Fast changes/Szybka korekta.

What to do if I want to add card to the storehouse, but I don’t know yet initial amount and unit price?

  • Storehouse’s card can be added without information about initial amount and unit price. You can fill it later, by opening Details/Szczegóły of storehouse’s cards. However initial amount and unit price must be added, if you want that the item counts to current sales.

Why I can’t see newly added category in review Storehouse-cards/Magazyn-karty?

  • New category is displayed in review Storehouse-cards/Magazyn-karty only when there are products added to it.

What is the meaning of unit price of storehouse’s cards/cena jednostkowa kart magazynowych?

  • Unit price of storehouse’s price is an average price of all products added to the same storehouse’s card. For example price of card “Tomatoes” is an average price of all bought tomatoes in different period of time with different price.

How to count out/delete a product from the storehouse or change its quantity?

  • The fastest way is to open section Storehouse-cards/Magazyn karty -> then move to Details/Szczegóły -> next open Fast changes/Szybka korekta where you can change quantity of the product. All changes done in Fast changes/Szybka korekta aren’t visible in History of deliveries/Historia dostaw.

Who can delete storehouse’s card?

  • Storehouse’s card can be deleted only by user with OWNER/WŁAŚCICIEL access.