Basic system setting

Following scheme and steps written below to help you quickly set web administration and start using Storyous application in the tablet.

Web administration

1. Sign in to Web Administration: After entering the website sign in to web administration.

2. Account settings: In section settings (NASTAVENÍ) you can enter and edit information about company that you want to be printed on the receipt. It is necessary to provide tax identification number (daňové identifikační číslo / DIČ) that corresponds with electronic evidence of sales (elektronická evidence tržeb/ EET). You have to tick the box if you are or not a VAT payer. In section “My Profile” (MŮJ ÚČET) you can change user’s data - name, login, picture, password and PIN number.

3. Tables settings: Firstly you have to set tables in section “Premises” (PODNIKY) and choose subsection “tables” - stoly, to have a possibility to seat guests and assign a receipt to the chosen table. Tables can be grouped into sections - to create sections open “Table sections” - Sekce stolů.

4. Menu settings: Menu with food and drinks has to be added in section “Premises”- PODNIKY in subsection Menu. In settings of certain products you can type name, price and unit. You can also merge Menu's items into Menu's categories. To have items displayed on tablet it is necessary to tick chosen item in Web Network Administration (with a checkmark cross “In tablet” - V TABLETU). After Logging into tablet app it is possible to make a first order. If tablet is connected with printer you can also choose to print receipt to the kitchen.

5. User account settings: You can create an account for your employees - through this account employees will be able to sign in to the system and serve customers. You can assign a role (Role) with different access to the system to each employee . To add a new account choose section “Premises” (PODNIKY) in subsection “Users” (UŽIVATELE) and click on “Add” (PŘIDAT).

 POS - application in tablet

 6. Login: To sign in to Storyous application in the tablet click on the icon STORYOUS POS on your tablet's screen. Type down the login and password (the same as in Web Network Administration), that you received as a part of welcome email.

 7. Making an order: Now you can make an order of item chosen from Web Administration. To make an order choose the table, to which you want to assign a new receipt. Then click on item from menu, that you want to order. You confirm the order by using “OK” button. If you don't want to assign a table to the receipt you can make a “fast order” (NOVÁ OBJEDNÁVKA).

8. Payment: If the customer wants to pay the bill, click on the receipt and choose if you want to pay separately (ZAPLATIT ZVLÁŠŤ) or to pay together (ZAPLATIT VŠE). Then choose the way of payment - payment by cash (ZAPLATIT HOTOVĚ) or by card (ZAPLATIT KARTOU) and confirm.