Advanced functions and settings

Web Administration

1. DETAILED PREMISES SETTINGS: In section “Premises”(PODNIKY) choose “Receipt setting” (NASTAVENÍ PODNIKU). There you can set the termination of day's report (Ukončení dne pro přehledy) and the look of the receipt. For better and more transparent control over the actions done with receipts you can set the reasons of deleting the receipt (DŮVODY ZRUŠENÍ ÚČTENKY).

2. DETAILED MENU SETTINGS: Certain items can be assigned to categories (drinks) and smaller subcategories (tea). Items will be connected with storehouse by creating a recipe (RECEPTURA).

3. REPORTS CONTROL: Section “Reports” (PŘEHLEDY) allows the owner to have an overview of all actions in restaurant within chosen period of time. In reports you can observe the revenue of the restaurant, earnings, the most frequently sold products, efficiency of employees and the most frequently chosen tables.

4. CONTROL OF RECEIPTS AND DAY'S EARNINGS REPORTS: The owner can control already printed receipts in section “Receipts”, observe day's earnings reports and VAT value. Day's earnings are divided by the method of payment.

5. CASHFLOW OPERATIONS / CLOSING DAY'S EARNINGS REPORT: In subsection “Cashflow operations” it is possible to observe all operations from certain day. It is possible to set there actions connected with cashflow and also close the day’s earnings. Thanks to that owner can check the cashflow of certain day and also control all operations registered to the system.

POS - Application in tablet

1. SWITCHING USERS: To switch user account faster, you can set a PIN code.

2. ADVANCED WORK WITH ORDER: While making an order you can make a few actions. You can delete receipt or change its name. You can also complement the order with new items and move chosen positions to another table by keeping pressing longer the order icon. Ordered items can be separated or deleted. You can also change their VAT.

3. RECEIPTS REPORT: You can have an overview of closed receipts also on tablet. Here you can choose to print again the receipt, delete it or change the method of payment.

4. STATISTICS: Statistics from Web Administration are also available from the tablet.

5. CLOSING THE DAY’S EARNINGS: In Storyous application you can also close the day's earnings and add cashflow operations. Closing of the day’s earning is confirmed by a printout.

6. DEVICES: Tablet can be connected with a printer, that is visible in subsection Devices. All settings of printers are handled by STORYOUS team. In case of payment by card, you can match the tablet with payment terminal.