Creating and setting Menu

In which units it is the best to sell products?

  • Units of products depend on their kind. We propose to sell products per item, however if it is necessary you can use units of weight or volume. If you set products by the weight (kg) or volume(l) then while making an order you have to always choose the product’s value, so the products deduct properly from the storehouse and they tie in with recipes of storehouse’s cards.

How to set VAT value for selling?

  • For each new added item VAT value is set automatically for 21%CZ/23%PL. Through clicking on button Edit/Edytuj you can change VAT value for chosen item.

How to group Menu items?

  • You can group Menu items by categories. You can add and edit categories in section Premises/Lokale, subsection Menu categories/Kategorie menu. You can add item to chosen categories in two different ways: by choosing category for new added item or opening Details/Szczegóły or previously created item (section Premises/Lokale, subsection Menu)

How to add a subcategory?

  • To create a subcategory click on chosen position, keep it longer longer time and move on a position with which you want to link it, when you will see a red line “let” the item - then subcategory will be created. You can also name a subcategory.

“Print to the kitchen”/”Drukuj do kuchni” what does it really mean?

  • If tablet is linked with the printer, then after checking the function “print to the kitchen”/”drukuj do kuchni” order to the kitchen will be printed separately. If you have more than one printer, then you can choose on which printer you want to send chosen item to print (example : Drinks orders are printed at the bar, while ordered dishes are printed in the kitchen.