Can I make an order without placing a table

  • Yes, you can use "Nová objednávka" button. If guest will decide to stay, you can move this order to proper table. In other way, this order will be placed above tables.

Can I create a table with lower VAT, f.e. for take away orders?

  • Yes. In web administration create a table and as default VAT f.e. 15%. Just be careful about alcohol and cigarettes - those are always with 21% VAT. In this case place orders on table, that is set on "dle položky menu" - "according to menu". You can also set VAT operatively on single item by holding finger on it and then choosing desired VAT percentage.

Can I separate courses? (starters/mains/desserts)

  • Yes. you can use "Oddělovač" - Separator button. After clicking on it, you will see a black line that you can move and divide ordered products as you want.

How to set a half portion in POS?

  • Make an order of product, that you want to lower to half, than hold a finger on it. Window will appear and you will be able to set amount of portion (0,5 -> half a portion)

How to set a discount to order ?

  • When guest is about to pay, you can click "zaplatit" - "pay" button, the final pay window will appear. Under total amount of in cash yu can click on "sleva" - "discount", and set it in percentages.

Is it possible to discount just one item from whole order?

  • This feature is in stage of preparation. In this moment you can only move this item to other/new table and make discount afterwards.