Cashflow and closing of day’s earnings

Why in section Cashflow/Przepływ gotówki I don’t see the cash amount in money register?

  • If you just have started with our Storyous system, then you should switch on the cashflow function on tablet - by clicking on button Track cashflow/Śledź przepływ gotówki.

Why I can’t see information in section “Cashflow” on each tablet?

  • You can see information about cashflow only on tablet with assign function CASH REGISTER/KASA. In Cashflow/Przepływ gotówki you can add initial amount or make a closure of day’s earnings only from account with assigned role OWNER/WŁAŚCICIEL or MANAGER.

How I can add new operation to the cash register during the day?

  • To add new operation use your tablet with assigned function CASH REGISTER/KASA and open section Cashflow/Przepływ gotówki. There click on button Add operation/Dodaj operację, that you can find in left lower corner. Then choose the kind of operation - in/out and provide amount.

Where I can set an initial amount of cash register and make closure of day’s earnings?

  • On tablet with assign function CASH REGISTER/KASA open section Cashflow/Przpeływ gotówki. In left lower corner you will see button Initial amount/Stan początkowy and in right lower corner you will find button Make a closure/Wykonaj zamknięcie. Choose wanted operation and then provide all required information.

What information can I see after making a closure of day’s earnings?

  • After making a closure of day’s earning you will see window with actual amount of cash register, day’s earnings, given discounts and added operations.

Why the amount of closing day’s earnings doesn’t conform with day’s earning report from given day?

  • In section Receipts/Rachunki, subsection Day’s earnings-list/ Utarg-wykaz you can find the day’s earnings counted until midnight, 12 pm. Those amount may not correspond if you set the closing time in settings for different hour. Then in section Day’s earnings-list/Utarg-wykaz will display day’s earnings until 12 pm, while day’s earnings report/raport utargu of the given day will display earnings until the hour of closing the restaurant. If those two amount don’t conform please contact STORYOUS team.