Why is it useful to create a recipe?

  • Thanks to recipe products from chosen menu’s item deduct from the storehouse after recorded sale. So that it is possible that more than one product deduct from storehouse after sale of one menu’s item.

Where I can set recipes?

  • You can change recipe in section Premises/Lokale, subsection Menu by clicking on button Edit recipe/Edytuj przepis close to the item that you wish to change.

Why item doesn’t deduct from storehouse even if I have a created recipe?

  • While creating a new recipe you have to choose a product from suggestions, that display while typing down the name of the product (only if product already exists in storehouse). Close to chosen product from storehouse you should see a checkmark. Following this rule helps to deduct products from storehouse properly.

I have an menu’s item that has a complicated recipe and now I want to add a new, similar recipe. Do I have to create a new recipe or I can use the old one somehow?

  • Click on Edit/Edytuj to see the details about chosen position’s recipe in menu. There change the name on the item, according to the name of the new position that you want to add. Then click on button Save as a new recipe/Zapisz jako nowy przepis to add new menu’s item with old recipe. There won’t be saved any changes in your old recipe.