Reporting of bug

Reporting of bug is function that serves to draw attention to a specific problem that may occur during working with POS application. By sending bug you are letting  us know that aplication is not working properly or there is an unknown situation which causes the incorrect functioning of the application. We pass this bug over to development department that can assess the situation and work with it. Sent bug contains information about the approximate time, date, equipment and the company name. In some cases this informations are not enough to solve the problem and we need as accurate description of the bug as possible.

An example is unprinted coupon, in this case is appropriate to write a note containing:

  • number of the coupon
  • number of the table 
  • name of the item ordered
  • the exact time of the bug

It is also appropriate to hide or take a picture of the receipt belonging to the relevant coupon or real coupon in case of subsequently printing.

If there is a situation requiring the sending of bug message, follow these steps:

In the upper left corner select box with three rows and then down at the page in the left corner select the field to report the bug.

After click on this icon a box will appear with free line where you can write a specific description of the problem and press OK to confirm sending of the bug.