Here you will find everything you need about our Virtuos S-410 cash drawer. The cash drawer is connected to your printer via a cable with an RJ type connector. It has a key lock with three positions for releasing the drawer, inside you will find a compartment divided into twelve parts, four of which are for banknotes with handles and eight for coins. The coin compartment can be removed, in front of the drawer you will also find an opening for inserting meal vouchers (these can then be found under the coin compartment).



The cash drawer is fully integrated with the Storyous system and communicates with the application via a printer; for proper operation, it is necessary that the printer is also properly connected to the tablet. It is possible to connect the socket to all models of our printers except portable ones. The socket draws electricity from the printer and does not need to be connected to the mains via an adapter.


If the key is in the neutral position, the drawer will open automatically when you close the account on the tablet in the Storyous POS application. If you leave the key in the drawer turned all the way to the left, the drawer will remain closed when the payment is completed, but will beep. The drawer can also be opened manually by turning the key in the drawer lock to the right.




Cash drawer parameters:

Color design: Dark gray

Weight (g): 6 800

Microswitch: Yes

Control voltage: 24 V

Number of banknotes: 4

Number of coins: 8

Interface: RJ12

Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 410 x 100 x 415

Lock: Three-position