If your device is no longer within the warranty period or the type of hardware damage is not subject to warranty conditions, we offer you the opportunity to send the device through our company to an authorized service for paid repair. Read how the process works below.

The procedure is similar to the complaint. After talking by phone or texting by chat or email, we will send you a replacement device that you can use in your company while your device is in service.

First we send you replacement device and then we arrange a pick-up for your servants. As soon as your device arrived, we will immediately send them for repair to an authorized service. They will then contact us with the exact amount of the repair, we will contact you by phone with a specific price proposal and you will either agree or reject it according to your own decision. If the amount for the repair seems too high, you always have the opportunity to buy a replacement device from us for a good price, which we sent to your company. The price always depending on the model and age of the replacement device.