Do you want to appreciate your customers and give them discount? No problem! You can give discounts as a percentage share of the amount of the bill, or you can give discount in CZK depended fully on you.

To give discount follow next steps:

  • Click on ZAPLATIT/PAY (vše-together/zvlášť-separately) and wait for the pop-up window.
  • Click on BEZE SLEVY and you will see which kind of discount you can give.
  • Choose VLASTNÍ SLEVA, when you want to set the discount in CZK, or at any of default discounts in %.


  • The option VLASTNÍ SLEVA opens ,,calculator",
  • choose, whether you like to give disount as % or CZK (1),
  • type the discount (2),
  • confirm and the discount will be deducted from the previous amount.




You will be brought back to finis the payment. On the left side yo will see the price before discount and on the right side there is newly stated price. 

Note: Discount you can use also when using vouchers.