If there is some problem occured while using Storyous app, please report the bug through Nahlásit chybu. This way you send us information about the device which has problem and we can hand over the problem to our development team. To analyze and fix the problem we not only need this report, but also detailed description of the problem. As an example we can give problem with printing. If your orders are not correctly printed we need following information:

  • number of given order (in the top right corner of the ticket)
  • number of table
  • name of the item ordered
  • time of the incident

To safe the ticket and take a photo of it is appreciated.
So if there is such a problem continue as follows: Click on the button in the top left corner, and choose - Centrum pomoci and then Nahlásit chybu. Then the field for the message for our development team occures. Fill the message and click OK.