Zones indicate the division of your business in our internal system, whereby the system knows how each tablet and printer communicate. We will briefly describe how the zones can be set up in case you are not sure whether you can have eg, two cash registers and two mobile waiters. We do all the operations with the zones, so if you want help with the division, you can contact us via chat, on the phone number 602 405 047, or by e-mail:

If you have only one tablet and one printer, you can only have one active zone, as there must be at least one master tablet in each zone. The main tablet in the zone is called the cash register, and the second tablet is called the mobile waiters.

The division into main and secondary tablets then affects the printing of receipts, bills for the kitchen, and access to some functions. For example, cash movements and closures can only be performed on a cash register tablet, but if you have multiple zones, you can make closures on all tablets in each active tablet. The shutter on the main tablet counts the total revenue for all the tablets in that zone.

Depending on the zones, you can also set up the subtraction of items from the stock in the web administration. In the Stocks section and the Stocks List tab, you will see all your stocks and zones according to our internal system, using the checkboxes you can set that all products ordered on tablets in one zone will be subtracted from another stock than products ordered on tablets in another zone.


Regardless of the number of cash registers and hence the zones in the company, there is always one of the master tablets, the main tablet in the company. It is only possible to enter the invoice payment or get offline in case of internet failure. Read more here.

In this article, you will learn how printers print receipts and kitchen prints to the kitchen based on the assignment to a tablet in a specific zone in our internal system