In the case of an Internet outage, you can still use Storyous offline, with some of the features described in this article.

If the Internet crashes during use, the application will notify you on the top bar.

When your tablet is not connected to the Internet when you sign in, the sales app will alert you and offer you an attempt to reconnect or sign in offline mode.


Working in offline mode is not limited in time, but we recommend working in it for a few days at most because of possible data loss. We implemented the offline mode because of the possibility of an unstable connection or an unlikely outage of our services. You won't be able to work with cash movements or make a closure. All closed accounts won't be sent to the web administration, and the system will report unsynchronized operations (when you reconnect, the accounts will automatically sync themselves, but patience is required). Printing receipts will be OK; if you register within EET, you will print PKP codes. You also won't get to the Statistics section, which would typically open up web administration in the browser on your tablet. As the application informs you before logging in, any changes you make to the web administration will not be copied to the app on your tablet, so you cannot change product prices in your menu, create or move tables, or change EET settings, and more. If you have more than one tablet, offline mode will only work on the master tablet, see more here. To get into offline mode, the application needs to be disregarded on all secondary tablets and cash registers that do not have the master function. If there is a failure, you can read how to manage EET records in this article.