First, you set the payment methods in the web administration in Payment methods tab in the section Places. Here you will find a list of all available payment methods and the option to activate or deactivate them (1). Inactive payment methods aren't displayed in the app, and it's not possible to change a payment method for an already closed account to an inactive method.

Cash and card payments cannot be deactivated, while Storyous cannot be activated. This is because Storyous payment method used to be through our own app, whose development was stopped and now it is not possible to use this type of payment anymore. This type of payment still appears in the history of our long-term customers, that's why we did not remove it from the list.

You can arrange the payment types in the list as you wish, and in this order they will also appear in the application when you click Others in the Finish payment dialog. To move the payment method, press the slider (3) on the right and drag the payment type with mouse.

You can export all payment methods in your application to a .csv (4) file.