In this tab you can set the payment methods used in Storyous POS app.

Here you can see a list of all available payment types and the option to activate or deactivate them (1). Inactive payment types are not displayed in the application at all, nor is it possible to change the payment type for an already closed account back to an inactive type.

There always needs to be at least one payment that is active, it does not matter which one it is. All other payment types can be deactivated. You can also create new types of payments. (2) (Eg: Delivery services etc.)

In the list, you can sort the types of payments as you wish, and this is exactly how they will be displayed in the application when you click Other in the Payment Completion dialog. To move, press the slider (3) on the right and move the payment type with the mouse.

You can export all types of payments in your application to a .csv (4) file.