In the Printed Orders tab of the Reports section, you can find the revenue distribution according to the print order settings in the kitchen. If you print the orders on two or more printers you can see the total amount of the orders according to the printer in which the items were printed, e.g. you can see if you earn more in the bar or kitchen areas just by the amount of orders they print out.

If you manage multiple businesses you can choose what data you want to display on the top-left menu (1). You can also set a specific time period (2), you can also export your data from both the chart and the table (3), the export is generated in .xls format for Excel. The charts on the Printed Orders section work like the charts in most other sections in the Reports tab, and you can learn how to work with them on this article.

In the table, you can see columns for the total amount per printer, including orders that you do not have set to print in any printer (Without printing). On the chart, you can see the orders placed by individual users in your business by checking boxes (4).