In the Label section of the Reports tab, you can find both the number of products sold under the label, as well as the gross takings from them, the margin and the costs.

If you manage multiple businesses you can choose what data you want to display on the top-left menu (1). You can also set a specific time period (2), you can also export your data from both the chart and the table (3), the export is generated in .xls format for Excel. The charts in the Labels section work like the charts in most other sections in the Reports tab, and you can learn how to work with them in this article.

On the graph, you will find the number of sales, the proceeds from the sale of products on these labels, the margin, and the total cost of the products sold. The values ​​for the categories are the sum of all the products included in the label. By ticking the box (4), you can track only the labels of your choice on the charts.


You can use labels to select, for example, vegetarian dishes from multiple categories, such as Starters, Soups, and Dishes. You can set labels in the Places section and the Products tab; in the product list, click Edit (5).


You can then set labels on the right side of the product to customize it. You can set any amount of labels for a single product, which will then appear in the Label Overview. To add a new label, click the plus sign (6), then just enter the name and save it (7).