In this tab you can create individual tables to mark accounts in the sales application.

To add a new table, fill in its code, name, select a category and VAT rate and click the "Add" button (1). The table code is an abbreviated designation that you can see in the account header, for example.


You can change the order of tables by dragging them to a specific location, or select specific tables by checking the box on the left to move these tables using the function below the list of all tables.

In the table editing window you can select the table type (2): customer, employee and long-term. Sales at the customer tables are not included in the current sales in Reports section, so you can use price levels or discounts for employees without affecting your earnings reports and statistics. Employee and long-term table are not included in the current overviews, therefore do not distort the current occupancy of the company.


If you are interested in this function, please contact us on the customer line 602 405 047 or via You will then be able to set the table type in the details of each table in the Tables tab in the Places section.