Cashless is a new type of quick payment now ready to be accepted via the Storyous POS app. To make a payment the customer can scan a QR code that is saved in Apple Wallet (iOS) or the Yourwallet app (Android). Customers can see their remaining credit through these apps.

To accept cashless payments you need the QR reader Sunmi Blink, which can be connected into the USB port of a 14” tablet. When you connect the QR reader you will hear a confirmation sound from it, as well as a light signal.


To activate this type of payment you need to allow it in the web administration, under Payment methods. This can be found in Places > Payment methods, and you need to change the status to Enabled. To apply the changes you will need to log out of the Storyous POS app and log back in. You will then see Cashless as a payment option when trying to close a bill, the app will ask you to Scan QR code. This method requires an active internet connection, and enough credits on the client’s virtual wallet, and it can only be used for paying the whole bill, not split payment.




We recommend to keep camera of the QR reader clean, otherwise it may not be able to read QR codes and make sure that QR reader is not in direct sunlight, as it may harm the QR reader camera.