One of our innovations is the ability to connect your Storyous menu with your restaurant or cafe's Google Account. So when a customer finds your restaurant on Google, they will simply be able to click on your offer in Storyous and at the same time be able to open online orders if you have them activated with us. 

In the Storyous web administration in the Places section you will see the "Show on web" button. If you have more than one company, select a specific company and the "Show on web" button will appear in the Products tab. 


Click the "Menu on web" button to the right above the list of your products and you will see information with details about this feature. After that click on "Activate".


You will be redirected to Google, where you will need to sign in with your business's Google Account and also allow Storyous access to edit your businesses on Google.

You will then be redirected back to the Storyous web administration.

In the dialog box, set the web addresses of the menu for ordering, the web address of the menu (feel free to use your website) and the address for reservations (if you use a reservation portal).


Then click "Save". 

In the Storyous web administration in the Places section, in the Products tab in the External services column, it is then necessary to set the products that you want to be automatically displayed in the mobile version of Google browser and in Google applications by checking "Show on web".


The product title, their description and the name of the category are entered into the menu on Google exactly as you have them stored in the Storyous administration. Products stored in subcategories are also copied to the website, but they will not be there within this subcategory, they will be included in the parent category.

When you then search for a business on Google, you will see a direct click on the link for online orders and your menu.

If you make any changes to the links to your menus, online orders and reservations, we recommend that you manually confirm the changes in Google's business management.