The Company Settings tab contains information about the operator/owner. (1) If you need to edit any of the information in the first section, please contact Customer Support.

You will also find the checkbox to turn on the option to set the VAT rate for products (2) (in case you are or become a VAT payer). Then you can fill in your phone and email in the Contact Information (3). Press the Save button (4) at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


According to the law, some data from the Operator Information are printed on the receipt, specifically the name of the company, the address of its registered office, ID number, and if applicable VAT number. This information is also automatically stated on the proforma invoice and subsequently on the invoice that we send you.

If you want to set the VAT rate for your products, you must first check the box The entrepreneur is a VAT payer, thanks to which the rate-setting for products will then be displayed. To check the box, it is necessary to fill in the VAT number in the Operator Information.