C260 printers are double, one is LAN, the other is BT - width of reels 80mm

By default, the printer is set to beep without a beep after each tone and can be printed without restriction. In other versions, the printer can be set up differently.

The C260 H / N series printers are primarily intended for printing orders in kitchens and noisy operations. They have light and sound signals with increased volume. This can only be adjusted using the instructions below with a Windows computer.

These functions can be set using the XPrinter V3.0C configuration tool. Download here. (The file is in .rar format, it is necessary to open it using eg: WinRAR). There are multiple files in the file, the only one you need is XPrinter.exe. Install it.

In the program, select the type of printer, in our case XP-80, and select the type of connection to the PC.

Next, install the driver for your printer from the link here. (You no longer use the driver, it is only used to communicate with the printer)


XPrinter V3.0C configuration tool

It is possible that the program will run in another language. To change the language to English, click on the "english" button.

To test a successful connection, press the "Print" button. If the printer is printing, everything is set up correctly and we can start by setting the pause function to turn off. In the program under "Content" delete the text. Check HEX and enter the appropriate command (codes below the article) in the empty field. Copy the codes one by one and without the yes / no mark. (Ex: 1F 1B 1F BC 13 14 00). Then send the code to the printer using the "Print" button. The printer notifies you of a successful configuration with a blink and an audible signal. The code settings can be verified on the printer's self-test. (Instructions for printing a self-test: switch off the printer, hold FEED and switch on, release FEED after the blue field goes out.


You can cancel this setting at any time by restoring the factory settings. (Reset instructions: turn off the printer, hold FEED and turn on, release FEED after about 20 seconds.)

The "Cutter idle alarm" item always remains in the YES setting, it does not affect the operation of the printer.


Cutter peel mode:
Yes - 1F 1B 1F BC 13 14 01
No - 1F 1B 1F BC 13 14 00

Cutter with alarm:
Yes - 1F 1B 1F E0 13 14 01 04 02 03
No - 1F 1B 1F E0 13 14 00 04 02 03

NOW IT'S UP TO YOU AS YOU WANT YOUR PRINTER TO WORK.You can use a combination of codes to select different settings for voucher printing and beep.

Turn the printer off and on each time you change the code.

We recommend that you print a self-test to find out the current printer settings. (see image above with self-test printed) Then select one of the versions and send the codes to the printer using the instructions.

Version 1: DOES NOT BEEP / BEEP when printing and allows you to print other orders without tearing off

In this version, the printer no longer beeps in the basic settings, but the function can be turned on using the button at the bottom of the printer (see the following instructions)
Cutter peel mode: no
Cutter with alarm: yes
If you want the printer to BEEP when printing. Set the codes according to version 1. Turn the printer upside down and turn on the hidden rocker switch No. 2, at the bottom of the printer, to turn on the function.

Version 2: BEEPS twice > 2s > BEEPS until you tear off the order receipt, the next print will not print

Cutter peel mode: yes
Cutter with alarm: yes

Version 3: PRINTS ORDERS WITHOUT BEEP > 2s > BEEPS until you tear off the order receipts, the next print does not print until then

Cutter peel mode: yes
Cutter with alarm: no

Version 4: DOES NOT BEEP BEING when printing and allows you to print more bonuses without tearing off.

Cutter peel mode: no
Cutter with alarm: no
(Does not work with rocker button as version 1)