Thanks to OneMenuQR codes, which you can stick on the table in your business, your guests will be able to order, pay and order quickly, easily and securely. The order is automatically copied to the Storyous POS application, the kitchen order is automatically printed and you can issue products easily.

If you are interested in this function and QR codes, contact our sales department on the phone number 226 292 817 or click here and colleagues will contact you.


Administration settings

We will send you QR stickers, which you will stick on tables and pair it in web administration Storyous. In places section, in tab Tables click on detail of the table and save the QR code. 


The products that are displayed for ordering on this page has to be set in the web administration, in the Places section, Products tab, when you check "OneMenu QR" in the External Services column.


The menu also displays a description of the product, which you can easily set in the detail of each product. Also, you can upload image of your product and your guests will see it when they scan the QR code, together with list of your products.