In previous articles, you learned what OneMenuQR is and how you set it up in your web administration. In this article you can read how easy it is for your guests to use QR codes on tables.

The customer scans the QR code from the sticker on the table with his mobile phone and your menu automatically opens on the


Then the website will open with your menu, where the guest can:

  • see the menu and order from the staff,
  • order for yourself,
  • or pay for the order before leaving,
  • even order and pay for yourself at one time.

(The setting of QR codes deal with with your sales representative. He will be happy to advise you which type can work for your business)


Example: ORDER AND PAYMENT at one time.

The guest can easily choose from your menu.


Then he chooses what he wants to order.


After click on the "Objednat XY CZK" button, he goes to the next part of the order, where he just writes his name and e-mail.


And this step comes to the payment gateway.


After payment, the order is copied to the Storyous cash register system, the order is printed in the kitchen and the staff only has to issue the order.

Thanks to ordering via the QR code, you do not lose your guests, for example, at lunchtime, when the staff is busy. You also get the names of your customers, you can increase your service to another level. For example: By addressing the customer by his name.