There is a list of all the restaurants on where you can manage take-away orders or enable the order with your own delivery. To promote your orders, please follow this link. 

If you'd like to be on this site, feel free to contact our business department at 773 747 477 or click here.

If you have already registered your restaurant at and you want to start delivery, please fill in this form.  We will contact you and will set everything together.


In this article you will find how to set up web administration for the proper functioning of the service OneMenu Takeout.

After we activate the service, you will see a new column 'Delivery' at Places section, Products tab. Simply mark the products you want to offer as take-away at this OneMenu Takeout column. It is necessary to set these products as 'Show in tablet'. 

Products with the given category or subcategory will be added to the menu on the website.


These products will then appear on web when the customers click on the name of your restaurant. The products will be shown exactly under the same name as in your administration. We recommend you to include the wrap in the price as it is not possible to charge extra. There is also a description of the product right in the menu which you can easily set in the detail of each product and you can also upload a picture of your product and your guest will see it together with list of your product on your page.


The customer will then choose a restaurant where he would like to order and it will lead him right to the menu. It is also possible to look up the restaurant on the map - which will also lead you right to the menu of the restaurant. The customer will select the products and will choose the time of pick up or there is also a possibility that the restaurant's courier brings him the food. It will lead him to the payment gateway after the order confirmation.



It is possible to set that not only you will receive a notification on Storyous POS but you can also get a text message on your phone. Fill in your phone number at Places section, Place setting tab and you will be informed about all orders on time.



In case you will not manage to prepare all new orders, you can deactivate this service anytime. To stop receiving these orders, go to Places section, Place setting tab and in the bottom part, you will see an option "Takeaway Integration". If the checkbox "Receive external orders" is not ticked, it means your restaurant cannot provide online orders at the moment.

The integration is being activated automatically depending on the opening hours you told us.


Money from the orders made through OneMenu (reduced by a commission according to conditions will be sent once a week to your bank account. Please fill in your bank account number at Billing section/Company setting or write us on chat or email.