One of our innovations is the ability to set up your web administration so that the zero-price product is not printed on the customer's receipt. This feature is especially useful if you use product ordering to communicate information, such as a chef, or your internal notes to staff, such as serving additional portions.

How to do it?

The product must have a set price of CZK 0 and then you simply set it in your web administration so that the product does not print on the receipt. After marking, the product will be printed on a chef's voucher, which will, as always, be familiar with everything, but this product will not be printed on the final receipt.

Go to the web administration in the Business section, Products tab and select which product you do not want to print on the receipt and go to its editing window.


Then check the "Do not print on a receipt" button and save.


If you are interested in activating this feature, please contact our customer support.