Disconnecting from WiFi

Make sure the tablet remembers the password for only one network, the one it should work on

- in the settings - WLAN / Wi-Fi search for saved networks and forget the password for others / remove (depending on the Android version, either hold the network for a long time and select "delete network", or open another window via a gear wheel or three dots)

Verify the network settings regarding the search for other networks

- look for "scan" or "wi-fi search" in the settings, turn off both options, then restart the tablet

The tablet does not want to connect to wi-fi at all

As with disconnecting Wi-Fi (see above) - first remove the network and reconnect to it. If your tablet doesn't want to connect, you may need to contact your internet service provider. 

Note: If you cannot connect a large 14 "cash register / tablet and the wi-fi only says" Saved "instead of" Connected ", it is possible that the router does not see the device and does not assign an IP address. In general, we recommend connecting the 14" cash register using LAN cable, but if you need to have it connected to wifi and the functionality is not as you imagine, we recommend contacting your network administrator. An immediate and fast solution is to connect with a network LAN cable.