If your network printer is offline, follow these steps:

  • Check your internet connection - for example, you go to the internet and type into a search engine.
  • Check the cable that connects the printer to the router. Disconnect and reconnect, making sure the cables are firmly plugged in until they click. Verify that both the green and yellow lights on the LAN cable are lit.
  • Make sure that the main tablet is connected to the correct WIFI network to which the printer is set up (and to whose router it is directly connected with a LAN cable).
  • Then check if the printer has not changed the IP address and print a self-test from the printer. If you do not know how to do the self-test, see the manual for the Xprinter / Star printer type. In the tablet in Menu -> Devices you will see your printer and its IP address. Verify that it is the same as on the self-test.

If the IP address does not match - call us on the customer line to enter the new IP address into the internal system.

If the IP address matches, try restarting both the tablet and the router first. If a restart does not help, you will have to reset the printer, again according to the instructions according to the Xprinter / Star printer type. After resetting the printer, it may be necessary to change the IP address in our administration, so contact us at the customer support email or call +420 602 405 047.