The cash drawer communicates with the application via the printer, so for proper operation it is necessary that the printer is also properly connected to the tablet. Therefore, make sure all cables are connected properly and the printer appears to be printing correctly. Also make sure that the cash drawer is properly connected to the printer.

If you chose to print a receipt and hear the sound of a drawer trying to open but unsuccessfully, make sure the key is in the correct position. When the key is in the neutral position, the drawer opens automatically when you close the account on the tablet in the Storyous POS application. If you leave the key in the drawer turned all the way to the left, the drawer will remain closed when the payment is completed, but will beep. The drawer can also be opened manually by turning the key in the drawer lock to the right. 

If the problems still persist and you need to complain about the device, contact our customer support mail or call +420 602 405 04. We can lend you a spare cash drawer for the duration of the complaint.