The manufacture, which you can find in the Stock section, is used as an option when creating semi-finished products. This tab stores the history of all semi-products made by manufacturing from the previous Semi-products tab.

In the tab you will find a list of manufactured semi-products. (1) You can edit or delete any record manufacture 45 days back. (2) This list can be filtered (3) by date, name, warehouse or author. All manufacture records can also be exported in .csv format. (4)


Here you can find more about how to produce semi-products. Examples of system manufacturing can be homemade bread or pesto.

This history is created only if the mentioned semi-products are produced here in the Storyous administration.


If semi-products are produced, it is necessary to tie them in the recipe as a newly created stock card, which will be created due to Manufacture. (5)


However, if the semi-finished products are not produced and used only as a recipe in the recipe, then production is not created. Subsequently, such semi-products are bound in the recipe as a semi-product. (6)