In Place settings, you can customize the appearance of your receipt, enable the ability to accept payments in foreign currencies (set their rates), set frequently recurring kitchen requirements, closure settings and many more. For all changes it is necessary to confirm by saving at the bottom of this page.

First, in Bill section, you can upload your logo (max. 2 MB file in .jpg, .png. Or .gif formats) on the receipt, ideally in black and white, by clicking on the Select file button (1). Alternatively, change the title of your receipt (2), which is automatically set to the name of your company, or place a message for your customers on the receipt (3).

End of the day reports (4) allows you to choose time when you are planning to close your business. In the event that your opening hours exceed midnight - the daily revenue until the hour set by you will then be displayed in the Reports in one day.

You can can also set your own exchange rate (5) for foreign currencies which you accept at place of your business. POS will then be able to calculate the closing of the account in another currency. 

Note: The closure is always made in the base currency only. The waiter must know the exchange rate for the cash conversion. (Example: You have 20 euros, rate is 1e = 25 CZ. That means it should be counted as 500 CZK in that case.)

In POS settings you can decide if you want to print name of your waiters on the bill (6) and which part of  their names.  You can use the warning for untouched customers (7) at open bill. (Example: If there is no action more then 25 minutes, the bill turns red and you know you should go to the table again and order something else.)  Quick order VAT type (8) allows you to set up VAT rate (Eat in/Takeout) for Fast order/New bill button in Storyous POS app.

By checking the box for printing the number on the order (9), the numbers will be printed on the order receipts and receipts. This function is suitable for bistros with a dispensing window. (Example: Bageterie Boulevard, McDonald's). Last option is request of number of persons at the table. (10). You can track the number of people at the table when they are paying, but if you want to track it at the beginning of the order, you check the this box.

In Cashflow setting you can add more information to your closure in Storyous POS app. By checking the box "show sales by printers" you can track how much you earned by each printer. The same applies in the event for the second box. The only difference is that you track sales by waiters. Last box will add all sold products of the day on closure.

Last setting in this article is about Product notes (12). You can add note for all products in Storyous POS app. If there are some notes which appear frequently, you can set these notes here. Then anytime when you would like to add note to product, you will see this list of notes or you can add your own.

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button (13) to save the changes.