In this section you can set up your offer, which you will then see in the Storyous POS app. In this tab you can also sort all products into individual categories, (products which are not included in the category will not be displayed on the tablet at all), set printing orders for the kitchen or bar. You can also create recipes of stock cards here based on which are then deducted from the stock.

Add a product

Add a new product to your menu using the gray line at the top (1) where you fill in the product name (so it will be printed on the receipt), the item's selling price and tax (if you are VAT payer) and choose product category. Checked box In tablet means that the product will be visible in the POS - You can always hide seasonal goods after the season without having to delete them from the administration. Press the New Item button on the right to save the product.


Group actions

After selecting several products using the checkboxes on the left side (2), you have the option to perform a group action (3). You can either delete selected products in bulk, create a subcategory to merge the selected products in one group or move them to a different category. If you have multiple businesses, you can also copy selected products. You can also change the VAT rate. Click on the small pencil symbol (4) for any product to edit it.


Edit the product

Here you can change the name, price, unit (it is always recommended to leave the unit in pieces, unless it is strictly a weight sale) and other product information such as product description or photo.

Variable product

If you would like to have an item in your menu where you can freely change the name, VAT rate and price, use the calculator function. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up your calculator, how it looks and works with Storyous POS on your tablet.

You can either create a completely new product or open an edit of an existing product in the web administration under the Places section and the Products tab.

If you are creating a new product, its name is up to you. Include the price of your item as 1 Kč, choose a tax rate. However, you can rewrite name, price and VAT when ordering it. Check that you want this product to show in tablet, and set your order to print to your kitchen. In order for your product to be visible on your tablet, you still need to categorize it.

To set the calculator, check the Always ask for price in product edit box, then click Save to save your changes. To see the item in the Storyous POS menu on your tablet, you need to log out of the application and log in again.

In the application you will then find your calculator in the menu category where you have included it (5). When you click on calculator product in order mode, a dialog window opens where you can rewrite the name, change the VAT rate and enter the price of the item. Click OK to confirm order. The product will be printed on the receipt exactly according to the assignment during marking, including the name. You can mark as many calculator products as you want and name each one differently.