The Reports tab is designed to track different data from your business. In addition to vital data like revenue, payment terminal, or a list of best-selling products, product categories. In this article, we briefly summarize the functions of individual sections (1) that you can work within this tab. If you manage multiple businesses in the same company you can view the reports only from the selected business from the list on the top left side of the window (2).


In the reports you will be working with charts and statistics, working with charts is very simple and intuitive, and a short article on chart options can be read here.

The reports show you the data according to the End of Day set in the company, so if you have set the end of the day to 4:00, you will see data from 4 am on a specific day until 4 am the next day. To find out how to set the end of the day properly visit our Place Settings article, you can find the section in the Places tab.


In the Sales report you'll find all sales, that is, the sum of all the amounts of paid accounts for the selected period in all or in a particular business. Find more information here. As with the other sections the data is displayed based on the End of Day setting, so the statistics from this tab may not match calendar day sales. As a basis for accounting, we recommend exporting sales data from the Income summary section of the Bills tab.


In the product overview, you will find out which items from your menu earn you and which, on the other hand, are not worth offering (in this tab you will also find the margin). More info.

Product categories

In the overview of product categories, you can see which categories of your products are the most popular in your company. You can read more about this tab here.

Payment terminal

In the web administration, you will find the Payment Terminal tab in the Reports section. Here you will see a detailed overview of payments made through the payment terminal, including data on tips (the system considers the difference between the actual value of the receipt and the amount paid by the customer as tips). In this article, we will explain the individual functions of this tab.