The customer ordered goods and now wants to pay. To pay for the account, click on one of the payment options - Cash (1), Card (2) or Pay... (3).




You can close the account by just one click on the option Cash or Card.

If you want to enter a discount, set a different currency, type of the payment or print a receipt of the receipt, click on the Pay... button (3). the Payment completion dialog (4) will open, in which you will set everything.


The discount (5) will be automatically inactive, but you can enter de facto any value - if you are not satisfied with the pre-prepared percentages, you can enter your own discount.

To display a currency (6) other than the Czech crowns, you must first enable foreign currencies in your web administration. You will also set your own exchange rates in the administration, according to which the final amount will then be converted to the correct value when choosing a foreign currency.

Among the printing options (7) you will find bill and digital print. If you choose to print a bill, a classic receipt will be printed from the printer, on which you will find all the requisites. If you choose to print digital, the bill will not be printed, but it will be sent to the register and at the same time to the web administration, and you will of course also find it in the Tickets section. You can use digital printing, for example, if you sell a large number of products and customers often do not require a bill, for example when you offer a scoop of ice cream. The application also offers you the option of printing a preview of the bill (8) for the customer, which then emphasizes that it is only a preview and not a real receipt.

Once you select a payment type, the account closes and prints if you want to print a receipt. In addition to payment in cash and by card on the sides, you can select other options (Other) in the middle of the dialog box, which you set in the web administration.

If the customer pays in cash and you need to know how much to return for a given amount, you can easily find out by holding the Cash button - at that moment a calculator dialog will open where you enter the amount of the banknote the customer pays and immediately see how much money to return. Click 'Confirm Payment' (9) to complete your payment.


If you want to know more information about payment types in Storyous POS, read this article.