In this article, you will learn how to properly control all the order options that the Storyous system offers you. In order to order and sell, you must first create product categories and products in your web administration, in most cases you will also need to upload an EET certificate to the system to record sales.

You create an order in the sales section. Click the New Account button (1) to create a quick order.


After opening the quick order, you will move to the order mode: on the left you will find a menu of products sorted by categories (menu), from which you will select what you want to mark (2). On the right side you will see the detail of the account you are ordering to - the products you select from the menu on the left will be written to the account on the right in the New Orders (3). If you accidentally mark another product or enter the wrong amount, you can simply delete the newly marked items on the right side of the screen by tapping. For each product, you'll see a slider that you can use to move items to another location in the list of marked products in your account (4).

You can either close the order by clicking on the Cash (5), Card (6) or Pay ... (7) buttons or save it to the main menu using the Defer account button (8).


After defering the order, you can find the open account (9) in the sales section. If you click on the account, you will find already received orders on the right, if you want to add something to the account, press the Menu button (10) - you will move back to the order mode, here you can mark other products on the already opened account.


When adding additional orders to an already opened account, the system distinguishes which items were previously received, which are newly marked (11).


You can find out how to enter the payment into the system and close the account here.

If you want to know how to delete an account or issue it without paying it to be deducted from stock (if you use stock management) but do not increase your sales, read this article.