After clicking on the Pay... button, the Payment Completion dialog will open. In it, after setting up printing (bill / digital), entering a possible discount or changing the currency below, you select the type of payment. In addition to paying in cash or by card, the system offers payment in various ways, and according to them, it is then possible, for example, to track sales according to individual types of payments.

Depending on the Payment methods settings in the web administration, you will find in the Payment completion only the Cash and Card buttons, or if the other payment types are enabled, also the Other button (1). Click on it to see a list of all allowed payment types. Alternatively, the order of payment types can be changed as you want. The Cash payment always remains active.

If the customer pays with large banknotes, you will definitely use the Cash Refund function. When you hold the Cash button with your finger, a calculator will appear, where you will enter the amount you received from the customer and the calculator will immediately calculate how much you should return. You can then close the account by clicking Confirm Payment (2).

If you have a payment terminal from us that is correctly integrated with your tablet (or you use an All-in-One with an activated terminal), when selecting a Card payment, the amount will be written directly to the payment terminal display and you do not need to enter it manually. If you have your own terminal, the account will be closed in the application, but you must enter the payment manually on your terminal via its' keyboard.

Payment by electronic meal voucher, both Sodexo and Edenred, will behave in the same way.

If the customer pays with cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), this can be distinguished in the Storyous system using the Payment method function. To receive the transaction, you need to have your own BTC software wallet, to which the customer will then send you the amount for the paid account - for payment by Bitcoin, it is therefore necessary to use a third-party application.

When closing an account by voucher, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Cashless or other payments, the account will be closed in the same way as when you select cash payment.

For each bill, you can change the payment type in the Tickets section in the application, or later in the web administration also in the Bills section. Reports, for example, also work with the type of payment.