In the Income Summary tab in the Bills section, you will find a summary overview of all sales by day and month, including the distinction of the VAT rate, type of payment, and registration within EET. The exports generated in the Sales overviews serve as the basis for your accounting since the sales are always displayed according to the calendar day from midnight to midnight.

In the tab you will find a list of sales by individual days in a given month, you will always see the entire calendar year on one page. After clicking on a specific day (1), a detailed breakdown of payments will open, including tax base, VAT, and sales with VAT. In the header of each month, you will find an export (2) either in .pdf format or as an Excel file with the extension .xls, which your accountant can provide for processing. Days on which there were no sales in your business will not appear at all in the sales reports.

If you want to look at the sales overviews for previous years for a check, you can get to them by clicking on the previous year in the top left (3).