The Cancelations and Discounts Control section is used to track receipts that have either been canceled, reprinted, closed with Issued - not paid, or have had a discount applied to them. You will also find receipts from which individual items were deleted before payment.


In the column on the left, you will find checkboxes (1) with which you can mark those bills for which the change is OK and you do not want to deal with it further. Use the buttons at the top to view either all or only unchecked accounts. In the list, you will also find the exact date of the change and the table on which the account was located - in the case of a quick order, the table will be empty in the column. The potential losses (2) then indicate the total value by which the bill was shortened due to the change that took place. The type of operation will always be marked with an icon in the Performed changes column (3) (after hovering the mouse over the icon, its type will be displayed). Using box (4), you then filter only those operations that you want to have an overview of. In addition, by clicking on Detail (5), you can see the timeline of the account from its creation to its closure, and you will always see a negative transaction highlighted in red.